Despite advancements in trauma care and prevention, accidental injury remains one of the most significant contributors to mortality and morbidity all over the world. The burden of disease due to trauma is increasing at an alarming rate to an epidemic proportion. In India alone, it is estimated that approximately 1.5 lakh people die every year, with one death every 3.6 minutes! Adequate staffing of qualified and certified health professionals is essential for providing quality care to injured patients.


The goal of the Academy for Clinical Emergency Nursing is to train nurses with the specialized and updated body of knowledge required for caring of injured patients. These nurses will form an essential component of trauma care systems, right from triage through rehabilitation of the trauma patient. In addition to physical care, they can also provide psychosocial support and comfort to the patient and their families. The content of the trauma nursing course will allow nurses to deliver the highest quality of care to trauma patients. The knowledge and skills gained by the nurses in this course will guide the nurses through all phases of trauma care including preventive care, resuscitative care, post-operative care, critical care, and rehabilitative care.

We invite you to join this exciting endeavor to enhance your knowledge for the betterment of trauma care in our country.